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Simple Search
For your search query, enter one or several key terms and press Enter (or click on the Search button). A list of relevant search results will be returned. In the search results the terms found will be shown in bold and, if necessary, in italized print.

Automatic "Or" Search
ÖBB search will return contents that contain one or several of your search terms. If you prefix your search term with "+", this term must be contained. To limit your seach, type in several terms and prefix them with "+".

Search Terms
ÖBB search will return all contents which contain your search term. If you type in the search term "station", all contents containing this term, such as "main station", "Westbahn station", "Station development program" will be returned.

Search Expression (Phrase)
To search for an exact expression or phrase, use quotation marks (" "), e.g. "photos of the management". Only contents in which this expression is contained will be returned.

To restrict the number of search results, add a term in the search box which has no connection with the subject field you are looking for und prefix it with "-". "-" excludes contents containing the words specified.

Advanced Search
"Advanced Search" is a full text search in all ÖBB web sites. You may restrict the search in "Advanced Search" by specifying the sites to be searched.

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